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Innotourclust Platform

An innovative cluster model to improve the level of collaboration between SMEs, local stakeholders, public authorities and business organizations, for a better cross-border cooperation and competitiveness on the international tourism market

The Project

The overall objective of INNOTOURCLUST is to improve the competitiveness and cooperation of Italian, Albanian and Montenegrin SMEs through the creation of an innovative cross border tourist cluster, focused on the integration and training of local economic operators, helping them to meet the growing international demand for ‘tourist experiences’

Products and Services

Innovative products and services in tourism business, under a common Service Charter that will ensure the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of local stakeholders

Digital Lab

Training activities and pilot initiatives that will increase cluster members cooperation skills, improve the adoption of capacity building innovative methods and will offer interactive B2B digital resources for local SMEs


The Interactive Map shows INNOTOURCLUST Enterprises Network



The main objective of the project is the improvement of the competitiveness and cooperation of IT-AL-MO SMEs through the creation and implementation of:

Innovative cross border
tourism SMEs cluster

Business agreements and
pilot initiatives among SMEs

Workshops for SMEs
and B2B events

Capacity building digital labs for
business support organizations


May 21

SEMINAR – Capacity Building for Business Institutions

31 MAY 2021 – 10:30 CET Speakers: Luisa Puppo Entrepreneur, international markets expert, specialized tourism consultant in interregional projects and...
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Apr 21

Puglia Region launches the INNOTOURCLUST training program for local tourism companies

April 2021 sees the start of the INNOTOURCLUST training program to promote economic growth in the Italian, Albanian and Montenegrin...
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Feb 20

Termoli (Italy) – Workshop for local Companies – Martur Resort

INNOTOURCLUST – Workshop for Local Companies, Termoli – Martur Resort 27.02.2020 The 27th of February, in the framework of INNOTOURCLUST...
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