Capacity Building Area


Digital Lab

An innovative way to think at tourism business to strengthen local business specificities, cooperation to develop cross-border markets and promotion of territorial identities.

Training workshops, digital tools for business support and B2B event in order to increase the business capacity of the enterprises for the development of tourism services and products.

Cultural & Art Tourism

Cultural Tourism as a Driver of Rural Development. Case Study: Southern Moravia
Cultural Tourism for Sustainable and Creative Cities
The Importance of Art for Tourism Destinations
Cultural Tourism of Montenegro
Creative Tourism on Islands: A Review of the Literature
Creative Cultural Tourism as a New Model for Cultural Tourism
Ayvalik an as Art Route for Tourism Guides Within the Frame of Art Tourism
A taste of Portugal. A Land of Art
Cultural Tourism explained: What, why and where

Experiential Tourism

Origin based agro-food products: how to communicate their experiential value online?
Tourism Stories – How tourism enriched my life
Experiential Tourism is more than Sightseeing
A framework for analysing convergence between online brand identity and online brand image. The case of the British Museum
The image attributes of a destination: an analysis of the wine tourist? perception
Communities of practice and value co-creation: the motivational engagement system of the Italian consortia
Authenticity: the link between destination image and place attachment
Experiential Travel along #RiverNila #Kerala #ItsTheWayYouSeelt
Emotions and Experiences translate to great value for Tourism

Nature & Wellness Tourism

Landscape and Tourism: Evolution of Research Topics
7 Top Trends in Wellness Tourism 2019
What is Wellness Tourism?
Millennial Tourists’ Environmentally Sustainable Behavior Towards a Natural Protected Area: An Integrative Framework
The Tipology of Wellness Tourism in Bali
Dimension of holistic wellness as a result of international wellness tourism experiences
Productivity Measurement: The Case of Nature Tourism Firms in Portugal
Nature Tourism in Odisha
The European market potential for nature and ecoturism

Sport Tourism

Sport Tourism: A Critical Analysis of Research
Who are the Sports Tourists?
Sport Tourism: the new trend expanding internationally
How Sport Tourism Event Image Fit Enhances Residents’ Perception of Place Image and Their Quality of Life
Tourism and Physical Activity Preferences: Development and Sustainability Strategy
Trekking Tourism in Spain: Analysis of the  Sociodemographic Profile of Trekking Tourists for the Design of Sustainable Tourism Services
Towards a Critical Sport Heritage: implications for Sport Tourism
Sport Tourism: Million shade of sport
Sports Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability of Heritage Tourism: A Structural Perspective from Cultural Identity and Consumption Intention
5 Examples of Sustainable Tourism around the World
Sustainable Tourism explained: What, why and where
Perception of Sustainable Development in a Local World Heritage Perspective
The Virtual Community’s Motivational System to Engage Firms into Sustainability Strategy. The Italian Agrifood Sector
How Knowledge Sharing Culture can become a Facilitator of the Sustainable Development in the Agrifood Sector
Family Businesses, Corporate Social Responsability, and Websites: the Strategies of Italian Wine Firms in talking to Stakeholders
How to save Tourism from Itself
The European market potential for sports tourism

Food & Wine Tourism

An Interpretative Model for the Web Image Analysis: the case of a Wine Tourism Destination
Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award winners 2021
What is Wine Tourism? And what type of Wine Traveler are you?
How Italian Agrifood Products coomunicate their Authenticity? The Brand-Land Link investigated on the Web
Online Branding Strategy for the Wine Tourism Competitiveness
Wine Web 2.0: Digital Communication and Tourist Netnography. Opportunities for new entrepreneurship
Old, New and Third Wine Regions: a Consumer Perspective
Innovating in Wine Tourism in the context of Covid-19
Gastronomy and Wine Tourism
Millennial generation preferences for roseĢ wine. An exploratory study of the Italian and French markets
Knowledge Gathering from Social Media to Improve Marketing in Agri-food Sector
Attributes driving the Wine Choice Process
Wine, family businesses and web: marketing strategies to compete effectively
The 2.0 Marketing Strategies for Wine Tourism Destinations of Excellence
E-wine: criticism and resources. A comparative analysis
Wine Tourism Development of the Territory: A Comparative Analysis of Destinations of Excellence

Communicating local products on the web: a comparison between Italian and English-language blogs

Wine Web Value: Web Marketing Strategies for Family Businesses

Unstructured Data Analysis for Marketing Decisions in Agri-food Sector

The relationship between unstructured information and marketing knowledge: An experiment in the US wine market

Technological Tools Integration and Ontologies for Knowledge Extraction from Unstructured Sources: A Case of Study for Marketing in Agri-Food Sector

A novel view on knowledge sharing in the agri-food sector

Wine tourism destination image on the web: a comparison between conveyed and perceived communication drivers