Some regions in Italy (IT), Albania (AL) and Montenegro (MO) are affected by financial constraints, low confidence among investors and slow growth of the local economy. The economy of these regions is mostly based on services more than production capacity.
Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors for the area. It can be strategically important to help the three countries, IT, AL and MO in rebalancing their local economies, offering opportunities for long-term economic growth, supporting the competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs and improving youth labour market conditions.
In Italy, the Apulia Region has registered amazing results in the national and international tourism market, mainly by promoting its typical, cultural and food and wine products through the adoption of innovative business models. In Montenegro, tourism market is definitely the most important driver for the national economy even if it has to improve its products’ innovation and differentiation. Albania has an enormous treasure that is unknown to many, making it a perfect country to explore.

INNOTOURCLUST looks at local SMEs (agriculture, food processing, fisheries, sea-based services, handicraft, Ho.Re.Ca, eco-sport organizations, social organizations, etc.) with the aim to support them with an innovative networking model designed to improve the economic competitiveness and to meet the most recent international tourism market trends.
This innovative way to conceive the tourism market, in line with regional and national strategies of the involved geographic areas, can strengthen the enlargement of the local business specificities, the cooperation to develop cross-border markets and the promotion of territorial identities. An increased cross-border cooperation and the sharing of common models of tourist development it is crucial for the attraction of a diversified touristic demand in the territories involved in the project. Each of the territories of the countries involved in the project has to offer important touristic attractions with a wide range of typical economic facilities in many fields like the rural and cultural.


Outputs 1                                                                

Innovative cross border tourism SMEs cluster          

Ouputs 2

Business agreements and pilot initiatives among SMEs

Outputs 3                                                                  

Workshops for SMEs and B2B events                   

Ouputs 4

Capacity building digital labs for business support organizations